How to link Passport to Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate? Here are some steps to how to do it!

Here’s how to link passport with Corona Vaccine Certificate. To travel by metro today, there must be a Corona negative. Or should have taken the vaccine. A Passport link is required with this background vaccine certificate.

In the midst of the Corona crisis, international travelers have finally found a message of consolation. It is interesting that the COWIN portal is now allowing the Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate to be linked with a passport for the convenience of international travel. The matter has been officially posted on the health account of AAP’s Twitter account.

The Central Government has issued some guidelines for amending or updating the passport details of the Covid-19 Certificate online. You will receive a new, corrected vaccine certificate within a few seconds after the details are updated.

If there is any difference in the names of the vaccine and the entry in the passports, you can request a correction on the website. But this has been allowed to be amended only once. Thus, one should be very careful not to make mistakes again.

Passport linking procedure

  1. Open the official website

2. Fill in your information and log in.

  1. Select ‘Raise an issue’.
  2. Now select ‘Passport’. Select the name of the person whose certificate needs to be linked to the passport from the drop down list.
  3. Enter the Passport Number.

6. Submit the details.

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How to amend personal information?

  1. Visit the official web portal
  1. Select the option ‘Raise an issue’.
  2. Now select Correction in certificate and click the name of the person whose information needs to be corrected.

4. All information needs to be corrected.

5. Now do SUBMIT.

This is enough. Passport will be linked to your Covid vaccine certificate.

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