Doing these things will surely make them understand that you love them

The following ways can help you clarify what you love, rather than waiting for them to express your love.

If we love someone so much, it is not easy to tell them that. You see such scenarios in a lot of movies. But you may have heard of or experienced these events not only in real life but in real life.

If some say their love, they are ready to marry someone else. Then you hear the words, “Why didn’t you tell me something you love?”

Shy to tell love to girl/boy?

When we see a beautiful girl or boy, we feel attracted to them. But they are not able to express their feelings directly. You can also give subtle hints from your body language at this time. The tips below are especially helpful for someone who is too shy to open up about a loved one.

Yes, you do not have to play with them to express what you love. We are giving you some easy ways to give a hint of love to those you love, without revealing what’s on your mind.

Give them frequent compliments about them!

Everybody likes to give compliments. It makes them feel loved, loved, and noticed. If you want to express your love to someone subtly, then the easiest way is to give them a compliment once in a while. Be generous in praising them. Praise them for the little things.

This makes the person feel they have value. In return, they will feel appreciation and gratitude for you. Give them a good compliment on how they look. But please don’t over-emphasize it, thank him or her for the little things.

Show interest in their passion

Be it football, dance, singing or whatever, show your interest in their passion and hobbies and they will surely get a hint of your likeness.

Start talking to them

The best way to express your love to someone is to start talking to them. This will help them know that you are interested in talking to them or thinking about them when texting.

If you start talking to him, you may find out what his / her nature or interest is. You can understand that you have the same interests. When you talk about something, it creates a sense of connectedness and interest.

Eye contact

If you are an introvert, too shy to start talking to them or give you compliments, you can always make eye contact with them. Prolonged eye contact with someone is a great way to show them your interest in them and to express your feelings to them.

When talking to each other, put your cell phone in your bag or pocket to avoid distraction. Make sure that your eyes are focused on their eyes and not their eyes elsewhere. Maintain eye contact with him/her so that they do not look elsewhere.

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