Do you still believe these things about the hair on the private part of your body?

There are parts of the body that everyone is embarrassed about and doesn’t want to talk about. Growing hair on these parts is a natural process for the functioning of these organs and to protect them from many things.
There are many organs in a man’s body. The functioning of all the organs is very important if the health of the human being is to continue in a state of normalcy.
Some people have abnormalities about these hairs. They never want to keep it. Whether you like it or not, it is natural to keep your private organs healthy. They protect you against many infections that can occur in the body.

Everyone has hair in such a private part. Many people make many decisions about keeping or leaving them, but many people are superstitious about such private hair. We will address these in today’s article.

Private part hair makes sex less enjoyable

Private part hair makes sex less enjoyable. It varies from woman to woman. The skin in the genital area is delicate and protected from private area hair. Many women say that private part hair reduces friction during sex.

In addition, it makes sex a lot smoother. But some women experience more intense feelings when they don’t have hair. But having sex can have a lot to do with your hair.

Hair is much darker

The hair on the private side is said to be the same as the scalp hair. But the hair color on the private side does not depend on the color of the hair on your head. Your hair color is determined by the amount of melanin in each hair. The production of melanin in the private side hair is slightly higher. So the hair on that side is much darker. So the color of the hair in the private space will not match the hair of your head.

The private side does not stop hair growth

Private hair does not grow to an everlasting length, ie. Private hair stops growing when it reaches a certain point. Length of hair growth for that part varies from person to person. It stands between about two inches. But women are more worried about how it will continue to grow. But for whatever reason, it’s not going to grow forever.

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